Information about MyMentorr


MyMentorr Vision

MyMentorr is a global platform allowing individuals to hire mentors, coaches or tutors utilising video chat via the platform. Mentors can earn a full time income, whilst mentees achieve success.

Our vision is to create positive mentoring, coaching or tutoring relationships. Enabling individuals to pass on their knowledge, skills and experience to someone else who will benefit from that experience.

Benefits of MyMentorr

The Mentee - 

  • Opportunity to learn and benefit from real life experience, success, knowledge, employment, skills, education and expertise within a particular area.

  • Some of the most successful people in history had mentors, who also endorsed mentoring. 

  • You will be able to focus on a particular subject area where you require support and succeed in that area. In a way that a pre-recorded video or a book cant deliver.

  • Book mentors face to face or use the in-build skype feature; allowing you flexibility in who, when and where you get mentoring. 

  • Book mentors globally, with the opportunity to tap into the mentor’s network, tools and resources.

  • The opportunity to become a mentor yourself.

The Mentor - 

  • Apart from the financial incentives, it gives the mentor more control over what work they do, when and where they do it. Offering a flexible opportunity to earn. 

  • Opportunity to mentor and earn as a full time role.

  • The ability to offer mentoring face to face or using our in-build skype feature.

  • We offer access to mentees globally, from the comfort of your home.

  • You may get long term mentees, affording you a steady stream of income.

  • In the future we will build a feature to allow group bookings, increasing earning potential.