Rapid Transformational Coaching (RTC)

What is Rapid Transformational Coaching?

There may be areas of your life which are going really well, but other aspects - aren't quite so good and maybe their impact is starting to leak out into other areas.

Perhaps you can't put your finger on exactly why you don't feel 100% or why you're not doing as well as you could at work?

Does something feel "stuck"?

For many, performing better seems to be a matter of working harder. Yet you may have already found that it doesn't work in the long term.

You can continue wondering and repeating the same old habits year after year.

But what if there was a quick and effective way for you to find out what is actually stopping you from getting what you want or feeling the way you way to feel?

What if you could find out exactly what the root cause of your problem is, and then make that change in a few sessions, transforming both your professional and personal life?

What if you could stop worrying about:
Money, deadlines, presentations, unsupportive managers, business decisions, career changes, relationships, nagging doubts in your mind, having trouble sleeping and lacking energy.

This is Rapid Transformational Coaching (RTC).

Why is Rapid Transformational Coaching different?

RTC gets to the root cause of your issue. Often these causes aren't even obvious to us in our day to day life. Our beliefs about ourselves (and we base our feelings and our decisions on our beliefs) are often created from a young age before we were able to think around these logically. They then become a pattern, like a stuck record, that we listen to without questioning. These beliefs may no longer be useful, productive, helpful or even interesting - yet we are still running our lives based on these outdated beliefs.

Using specific, quick and powerful techniques, RTC goes right to the start of these beliefs and provides you with the tools to change these beliefs into something more useful for you, more true for you.

Change doesn’t have to take years, months or even weeks. With RTC you will see a difference in the way you feel, think and operate after the first session.

What results can you expect from RTC?

Increased confidence at work
Higher self-esteem and self-belief
Freedom from stress and anxiety
Elimination of destructive eating or drinking habits
Improved focus and better decision-making in life

RTC can be used in many situations. However, from my background as a corporate lawyer and business owner, I chose to bring my prior personal and client experience of anxiety, stress, sleep issues, lack of confidence and self-esteem to my work through RTC and help my clients with these issues especially.

How does the process work?

First we have a quick 15 minute call to see if this process is right for you.
If we decide to go ahead, we book an initial 90 min to 2 hour RTC session followed by 2 x coaching following up calls.
We will work together for one month with email/WhatsApp support throughout and a 20 minute relaxation recording for you to use daily throughout the month.

The total investment for the one month package is £116 x 3 = £348.

To arrange your 15 minute chat, please send me an email to Hannah@authenticallyspeaking.co.uk or text 07493 176560.

What others are saying:

"Hannah’s approach is welcoming, accessible and convenient and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing."

"After only two hours with Hannah a few months ago, I've found the confidence within to transform my life and I'll be eternally grateful".

"Working with Hannah has had a positive impact both professionally and personally. I’m more productive and more decisive."