Coaching with Purpose

Coaching designed for women, using tools and techniques to get to the “heart” of the matter.

Are you currently a coach, trainer, therapist or consultant looking to find who you are, in order to find your true niche?

Do you have sleepless nights wondering how to make ends meet?

Are you wanting to generate clients to have a business rather than a hobby?

Do you feel your purpose as a coach or therapist is not creating you the income you desire or need?

Or maybe you are toying with the idea of having a career change to become a coach or therapist?

With my support, you'll discover how to align your heart and your head, generating strong income and creating the business you’ve dreamed of – all while making your powerful impact on the world.

My ‘Coaching with Purpose’ programmes are designed to take you from stuck and overwhelmed, to empowered business owner. Whether you’re looking for long term support or a business boost to keep you facing in the right direction, I can help you.

To discover how to create the results you desire and learn how to fully embrace your purpose, book a complimentary Skype call with me. We’ll explore your biggest challenges and help you understand how you can turn things around to create the business you dream of.

£85 per hour