Hi, I’m Maria Tucker and I’m known as the Coaches’ Coach. I help women step into their true power and to sell with absolute heart, integrity and ease.

With my support, discover how to align your heart and your head, generating strong income whilst making your powerful impact on the world.

I’m a Spirit Healer, a qualified One of Many Coach, Mentor, Laughter Therapist and I hold two qualifications in Counselling. With 20 years of experience as a Business Coach, I work with my clients to help them build their business, their way. I help my clients move from stuck to empowered business-owner, with the clarity they need to generate the clients and income they dream of.

My coaching comes from an authentic, lived experience. I understand the ups and downs of life and business better than most. My own life and career was shattered by an accident that left her in a wheelchair for 2 years during which time I lost everything – my marriage, my home, my beautiful horse and my livelihood. And yet, through this experience, which I now see as a great blessing, I was able to find meaning, to find my purpose and to reconnect with my true self.

As a result, nothing phases me and my capacity to create and hold a safe space for my clients is infinite. I specialise in coaching women out of their confusion and fear - into a space of connection with their true purpose and abilities.

My work often elicits light bulb moments, joy and deep gratitude in the wonderful clients who work with me.

If you’re struggling to own your expertise and comfortably ask for what you’re worth, if you’re ready to move your life and business forward and stop going around in circles, then let me help you.

I’d love to support you – take a look at my listings and do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Some feedback from happy clients:

“Maria supported me and believed in me even before I believed in myself. Maria is a talented and intuitive coach, getting to the root of the problem and offering support and guidance. She has wisdom and love in abundance and is totally accepting, compassionate, gentle and non-judgemental. I have great pleasure in recommending Maria as a coach and mentor.” (Christina)

“Maria has an amazing ability to hear beyond just words and help you to turn things around. Her nurturing nature allows you to feel supported in dealing with things you would rather just kick under the rug. She helps you to bring them out to the light to dissolve them.” (Karen)

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